My maiden post, so to speak.

My parents are teachers. My grandmother wanted to be a teacher. You could say teaching is in my blood, although I am determined to break the pattern here.

Along the vein of teaching, my goal for this blog is to expound on something I have learned that day in every post. Clever? Yes. A catchy way to keep your attention? Hell yes. I very much doubt that anyone cares about the ramblings of a college student, so this is not intended to be a diary or daily schedule of my life. I would rather live my life than list it for you.

So. Learning is the theme, and hopefully I can keep my pithy comments and insights to a minimum. I will try to keep each post short and sweet, but as a warning to my readers: I am anything but brief.

What did I learn today, you ask? How to make a blog. Duh.


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