Do you have five minutes? Of course you do!

Maybe I am breaking from my theme, because today I didn’t learn, so much as realize, something about my life here at Mizzou:

I absolutely love my floor.

I have heard countless stories about my friends’ experiences at college. Some are having the times of their lives, and some cannot wait to transfer closer to home. Even though I was scared to come seven hours away to a state I am not familiar with, I am finally glad I did.

Sure, I miss a lot of things about Chicago. I miss my family, my boyfriend, my high school friends, my synagogue, and most of all, Portillos. I miss the familiarity of my town and driving my own car. But I think that if I had to do it all over again, I would still pick Mizzou.

I didn’t realize at first what a great living environment the fifth floor of Mark Twain would be. Yet on my very first day, as my roommate Danielle and I were unpacking, some guys from down the hall came over to introduce themselves. Later, a big group of girls walked around downtown together and went to dinner. It was easy to be friendly, and even easier to start actually making friends.

As the semester has gone on, I have switched my friendships around a bit. Greek life and full course loads make hanging out tough for some people, so schedules can dictate friendships at times. But I love it here. Literally no other floor has been able to bond on the level we have. Kids from floors above and below come to the fifth floor to talk, vent, eat, and watch movies.

We also take care of each other. If someone has a…bad night, so to speak, we will make sure they get home safe and into bed. I have woken up at two in the morning for some of my floormates, and I know they would do the same for me. It is an unspoken pact to look out for one another; even though we are all technically adults, it is comforting to know that so far from my home and the people I love, my floor is here for me.

If the subject line has confused you yet, it is in reference to one of the many quirky activities that reminds me how lucky I am to live here. Right before dinner, a few other girls and I decided we would do five-minute abs every day. Seems small, yes, but it is just one more way to find encouragement and support from girls who share my living space, my classes, and my experiences here. It is fun and exciting, a lofty goal to be sure.

But hey, even if it does not work out, there is still fifth floor group dinner to look forward to. What better way to bond than over soft serve and toasted ravioli?


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  1. Well said. It is always the people in our lives and the small things that are the greatest blessings – and in truth, not small at all. 🙂

    What, no other comments, anyone? If this keeps up, it will become Shaina and Wendy’s dialog, lol! 😛

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