Way to represent!

My friend Salwa is an amazing writer; passionate and smart, she really can get her thoughts across in words. At UIC, she is writing for her school paper, and just recently was published for an article she wrote in response to a man who basically blamed Islam for all of society’s ills. What did I learn from her?

Eloquence speaks louder than hate. Continue reading


All these time management skills, and who to thank?

I am just going to say it: I am good at getting stuff done. Period.

I do what I need to do and rarely procrastinate on important assignments or big exams. I don’t know whether to thank my parents or just some god-given talent for juggling school work and other activities. However it happened, I am happy to have learned:

Procrastination is never the way to go. Continue reading

Patience is a virtue

On Sunday, I left Chicago to return to Columbia, Missouri. The day began with an auspicious start of rain and gloom. It could hardly begin to foreshadow the absolute nightmare that day would become. Not only did we board an hour late, but we had to switch busses with our luggage in St. Louis and got stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic an hour outside of Columbia. We literally stopped moving for almost twenty-five minutes.  To top it off, we arrived about two hours late. Plus, I got motion sick. Awesome day. Continue reading