Flying dust and a fleeting dream…

Short and sweet today.

Time is fleeting.

Everything is always changing. I sometimes with I could be three again when my life was uncomplicated and purely pleasant. Just rewind and forget. I wish I did not have responsibilities or engagements or obligations. I wish I could go back to an age when it was okay to be selfish and self-absorbed.

I am in a bit of a down mood. My birthday is coming up, and I am excited, to be sure, but being in school for it and Hanukkah just hits home how different my life is now. I am reminded constantly of this new journey I am embarking on, and looking back, I am not sure I was quite as prepared as I had hoped. Adulthood, here I come.


2 thoughts on “Flying dust and a fleeting dream…

  1. I’m sorry you can’t be home for your birthday or Hanukkah – but soon enough we’ll all be on break! You are more than prepared for adulthood. You were acting like a mature, responsible adult when I met you freshman year of high school. We’re in for a lifetime of hardships now that we’re legally “adults,” but I always find comfort in the fact that we aren’t in this struggle alone :]

  2. I know how you feel, and I’m not sure that wishing for a simpler, more innocent time (childhood) never fully goes away. More than once I’ve told my mom, “I want to be the daughter again. I’m tired of being the wife and mom!” Of course, I love both of those roles that make me who I am and fill my life with joy beyond measure. There are just times I would love for someone to come along, “pick me up,” and take over for a little while – while I nap or play Barbies. Looking back, I’m not sure any of us is ever fully prepared for adulthood. I’ve felt like an adult since age 7 when my parents divorced, yet, in a way I was caught unawares. In general, I feel that as teenagers, we want the freedom of adulthood, without realizing the responsibility that freedom entails. It is in accepting the responsibility that we truly become adults. I agree with Payal -thankfully we are not in it alone! Blessings ~ and Happy Birthday! 🙂 ~ Wendy

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