Haven’t we graduated already?

After far too long, here you go:

No one ever really leaves high school.

It has been almost a year since I graduated but I still feel like I am in the midst of rumors, backstabbing, and pettiness. I thought we learned how to respect people. I thought we learned how to work through issues and even be confrontational at times if it were to solve a problem. Apparently not.

No one will address anybody about their issues. If there are fights, they are all hush-hush and behind each others’ backs. It is sickening. Finally I thought I could escape all of this drama for more mature relationships. College is where you are supposed to expand your mind and find yourself. You shouldn’t be consumed by he-said she-said battles and gossip-mongering.

Sigh. I wish high school would just hurry up and end already. I am more than ready to be an adult.


One thought on “Haven’t we graduated already?

  1. Hi Shaina,

    Unfortunately, some things don’t change after high school. The pettiness, rash decisions, unforgiveness, and secrets still abound in adulthood. Some adult women can be so very cruel (by “adult,” I refer to age, not maturity level). There is a woman at work that seriously appears to hate me, and I have no idea why, although I wrote her an apology note for whatever it was that I may have done about 2 years ago. She never responded. It totally rings of high school – jr. high even. The only thing that is different is how it affects me. While I am still baffled and hurt by her disdain, I no longer let it consume me and bring me to tears while trying to figure it out or fix it. There are moments, after running in to her, when I wonder, “God, what DID I do to her?” But, then I compartmentalize it in back of my mind and move forward. Some relationships in life are worth pursuing, worth the effort it will take to achieve restoration. My acquaintanceship with her is not one of them. So even though I am still unsure of what I did to deserve her scorn, if anything at all, I have chosen not to play her game. And I feel like an adult. šŸ™‚

    Love and God bless ~


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