Time, It’s a-flyin’

Summer has gone by quickly…yet everyday I sit here doing nothing, the time drags on. A bit of a paradox, wouldn’t you say?

Aside from my AVMA internship, I have too much free time to freak out about graduating early and graduate school. As a junior, I really should not be worrying about this yet. But as my clever friends so aptly reminded me, we over-achievers tend to have major freak outs over minor issues far earlier than is necessary. I miss them. I miss living down the hall from them and being able to storm in at a moment’s notice and rant or rave or just eat all of their extra chocolate. Next year will be different.

Everyone said college would fly, but it’s absolutely racing. High school dragged for four long years, but what with this graduating early business, college has barely started, but at the same time is close to finishing. It’s just mind-blowing. I feel like I can barely catch my breath.

I suppose for that reason it has been good to have a very low-key summer. I know I’ll be missing it in the fall. This post is very disjointed, but honestly, I don’t have too much to say. I have been watching trashy TV and rereading Harry Potter. I wish I still had my internship to keep me busy. I loved feeling like a real journalist.

As this post has lacked nearly all the creativity and wit that filled my other entries, I will wrap this up. Basically, this summer has been entirely unpredictable and unexpected. I hate parts of it, love others, and spend far too much time being wistful. At least I still have some home-cooked meals to look forward to.