A marginal benefit analysis of my life

Trudging through the bulk of this semester has been quite a journey. Some statistics to quantify how it has been going:

7: The number of exams I have had since August

25: The average number of hours per week I spend working at The Maneater in addition to 15 credit hours, homework, and teaching Sunday school.

2: How often I have been sick so far this semester

10: The number of times I have probably had to call student staff to complain about my neighbors who blast their bass at all hours of the day and night.

Suffice it to say, I have been busy and somewhat frustrated continually since August. Once in awhile, it’s nice to be noticed for my hard work. My economics professor approached me after class today and strongly encouraged me to consider a double major. Her exact words were, “You are so talented, and I really want to have you in the department.” It was flattering, to say the least. But in true economic fashion, it really made me weigh the costs and benefits of delaying my graduation by one semester (3.5 years for 2 majors? Either I’m crazy or masochistic) and taking on six additional classes. Is it worth the work? Will it conflict with my journalism degree? Will I be at a disadvantage for graduate school? Honestly though, I really could not see any negatives in the hour I pored over my options. The prospect of getting an economics major actually made me excited (hmmm…masochist for sure).

…and about 12 hours later, here I am: A Journalism-Economics double major, set to graduate in December 2012. Armed with the potential for impeccable reporting, editing and design skills, plus a healthy dose of consumer preference knowledge and critical thinking, I have one thing to say:

Watch out, world.