Care to comment?

I think online comment sections have mushroomed into something dangerous.

Exaggeration? Maybe. But after reading an innocuous article about a recently-gone-viral Hanukkah song on, I encountered a wealth of comments spouting everything from disgruntled holiday feelings to a soapbox for Messianic Judaism. Sure, I may have read all of them…but the idiocy and ridiculousness sucked me in.

It was scary, to say the least.

I think Americans have somehow gotten this idea that everyone cares to hear every single, solitary person’s opinion on every single, solitary subject. I am all for being outspoken, but trying to disprove Islam really is not at all relevant to an a cappella Taio Cruz parody. Seriously, when will people learn? American vanity truly comes to an all-time high in comment sections.

Anonymity is a heady state. While I believe the journalistic conversation should be able to continue with the public, there comes a time when public discussions morph from enlightening and egalitarian to just plain excessive and exhausting.

Happy Hanukkah everyone!


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