Sophomore Superlatives: Because hey, there’s no yearbook in college.

Let’s be honest. In high school, we were all big fish in a little pond. After being in college for three (can it really be so few?) semesters, I would say everyone I know took a bit of a collective ass-kicking, literally or figuratively. Suddenly, you are not well-known by the student body. AP scores, and the hours you spent studying for the exams, mean little, if anything. You don’t have the faculty wrapped around your little finger. High school as a whole is out of sight, out of mind, and off the resumé. Mom and Dad are not present to fund you financially and emotionally. And you certainly don’t have the comfort of grade-school friends and your childhood bedroom.

That being said, since coming to college, a lot of my friends have taken up the unattractive habit of “comparing-myself-to-other-people-and-subsequently-telling-myself-how-much-I-suck.” Needless to say guys, that act gets old really fast.

Yeah, there are times when I am frustrated with myself or my grades. I am not always motivated to succeed or put forth effort. But overall, I think I have left behind my AP student air of entitlement and made some strides in college I can be proud of. I got good grades. I got an internship. And I did it all without a nervous breakdown.

To prove to you that you are still worthwhile, accomplished people, I have compiled a list of Sophomore Superlatives for my nearest and dearest. Consider it a New Year’s benediction of sorts. While this is not nearly everyone I care about, it is a small representative sample (including, first and foremost, those who read my blog).

Everyone has something to be proud of. No one person should feel obligated to lead the same life another leads, or berate him or herself for not living up to another’s standards of success.

The List:

Most Likely to Become EIC of the DI: Payal Shukla. You have risen from lowly reporter to Daytime Assignment Editor in virtually no time at all. If you can do that, and balance a life and full course load, you can do anything. Watch out journalism students, this poli-sci major can and will give you a run for you money.

Most Likely to Genetically Modify Your Mac ‘n Cheese: Ariel Cavazos. Kraft basically bitch-slapped Wrigley to give you an internship. Kraft. You know, that huge global food corporation that makes everything necessary for a collegiate diet. And what’s that? Oh yeah, they are paying you an obscene amount of money to do it.

Most Fashionable Chemist: Amy Fenton. Yeah, you spend a decent chunk of money on clothes…and you talk about a lot of stuff I don’t understand. But ultimately, you understand my emerging shopping habit and reoccurring love for calculus. Basically, you are a brilliant roommate, brilliant at Organic, and brilliant at pulling together an effortless outfit.

Most Likely to not realize he’s overachieving: Scott Canedy. Stop down-playing your existence. Be proud! You’re a triple major. ’nuff said.

Future World Leader: Katie Artemas. You do everything, and you do it well. You amaze me on many levels with your spirit, intelligence, and talent. Please, please, please run for public office. The world needs more Katies.

Most Likely to Kill with Kindness: Lyndsie Manusos. I am not sure if you read this, but after all our chats this semester, the above statement could not be more true. I have had few confidantes who are as supportive, kind, funny, and awesome as you are. Don’t let the ME struggles get you down. I always felt happy and supported at The Maneater.

Most Likely to Comment This Post: ????? Hard to say. If I have mentioned you, it means I have some inkling you may reply. I really haven’t maintained this blog enough to warrant a huge influx of subscribers or comments. But hey, I have many more awesome friends who I would definitely be willing to personalize further superlatives for….*cough*cough*

Night kids.


2 thoughts on “Sophomore Superlatives: Because hey, there’s no yearbook in college.

  1. Unfortunately, I too am guilty of constantly comparing myself to others to tell myself how much I suck. But you are too sweet and give me far more credit than I deserve :]

    If I had to award you a superlative, I don’t think I could narrow it down to just one. For now, to make thinks easy, let’s just say that Shaina Cavazos is “Most Likely to Dominate Everything and Everyone That Has Been or Ever Will Ever Be in Existence.” And I do not exaggerate, my friend.

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