Missourian Blog Post #3

I suppose I am a little behind on this blog. Thankfully, I gave myself some cushion with four stories last week so I am not as pressured now while I am working on my multimedia project.

This project initially terrified me. It was like J2100 all over again. But surprisingly, it has been kind of fun. My partner, Andrea, and I were lucky enough to work with a wonderful woman named Anita. She is a passionate pet-owner who was more than happy to welcome us into her home to shoot photos and audio. Continue reading


All in all, I’m all at sea.

No one I meet has ever heard of it, but Aida is, to me, the best musical ever written. You have no idea how much jealousy consumed me when I learned my parents had seen it years ago when it first came to Chicago. I would give anything, anything, to see it live.

It is essentially a love story between two star-crossed lovers (sound familiar?). The story does resonate with many I have heard before, but the music sets it light years apart from anything else. Suffice it to say, Tim Rice and Elton John have a real gift. Continue reading