All in all, I’m all at sea.

No one I meet has ever heard of it, but Aida is, to me, the best musical ever written. You have no idea how much jealousy consumed me when I learned my parents had seen it years ago when it first came to Chicago. I would give anything, anything, to see it live.

It is essentially a love story between two star-crossed lovers (sound familiar?). The story does resonate with many I have heard before, but the music sets it light years apart from anything else. Suffice it to say, Tim Rice and Elton John have a real gift.

Even when I am feeling less than ecstatic, like right now, the music lifts me out of the bad mood. Heather Headley’s strong, melodious voice is soothing. Adam Pascal’s emotional rendition of “Elaborate Lives” is just plain moving. I don’t care how clichéd it sounds, but it is like a balm for my frazzled thoughts.

My sister is probably making fun of me in her head as she reads this. This isn’t a jab at you Ariel, you just always seem to roll your eyes when I get too sappy about this show, and probably rightfully so. I just can’t help it. It’s like a bit of home and a departure from everything I am thinking all at once. A much needed departure.