Missourian Blog Post #7: Riding the journalism high

This has been a great past few days. Why, you ask? Well…

  • Out of 70 applicants, I, and 21 other students, was picked to be a journalism ambassador.
  • Bridget and I covered our first school board meeting, focusing on the 2011-2012 budget and other potential reductions. Plus, my story made the front page for the second time in about 3 weeks!!
  • Andrea’s and my multimedia project about a Columbia pet owner was published.
  • I got a really excellent rose-colored cardigan from Aerie.

Needless to say, I am feeling pretty good about journalism…and my wardrobe. I was definitely nervous about reporting at first, but I am really loving this class. It’s crazy, fast-paced, exhausting and really everything I could ever want out of a part-time job class.

Future 4450 students, don’t believe all the hype. You probably won’t ever work harder than you do in J4450, but you also will never gain as much beneficial, real experience out of anything else you do at the J-School.

In addition to all these things, I am also trying to follow the rules Katherine set forth for how we read on the internet.

Is it working? Are you reading??