Bailey’s class is progressive, not pornographic

It seems like everyone is quite riled up at the demonstration in a human sexuality class at Northwestern University last week. I mean, can you imagine college students ever watching something sexual, provacative and mature?

What is this, mainstream television?

We are exposed to so much sexualized content on a daily basis, and suddenly an educational science demonstration is the problem. I think we all can acknowledge that the professor was caught off guard and might have made a decision others would not have, but he in no way endangered his students or coerced them into watching anything pornographic or perverse.

Northwestern is a respected institution that, given what it charges students to go there, should be on the cutting edge of progressive ideas and employ enthusiastic, knowledgable teachers. As far as I am concerned, they still are, and all of this hoopla is caused by overexcited, hyper-conservative adults who have spent too many years talking to other overexcited, hyper-conservative adults.

Frankly, college students are not strangers to sexuality, and it is ridiculous for the public to weigh in and condemn this professor when no students who attended the demonstration have complained or responded negatively. If the U.S. Supreme Court cannot define obscenity, we mere mortals should not be so quick to judge, especially when the acts in question are to educate in a controlled, safe setting.

The facts are, students knew what they were in for, they knew it would be graphic, and they all survived. They enrolled in a class on human sexuality. What were they expecting, unicorns? If the world continually opts to treat college students like children who cannot be exposed to adult issues, including sex, how will we learn anything?

Sex is just as much a part of life as math and reading. Kudos to the Northwestern for creating an atmosphere where learning about real life is possible.

One thing I know for sure: Bailey’s class will never have an empty seat again. Nothing bumps up enrollment like a supposed scandal.