Since when is it OK to play games with the economy?

Me and my friends with our senior year AP Macroeconomics teacher. I'm sure she'd like to teach Congress a thing or two.

Ok, I’m confused. I thought people who made economics their career might know a thing or two about the effect a default would have on our economy. I also thought that reasonable people knew when to defer to those who know better than they do, especially those who are as “educated” as our legislators.

Guess I was wrong.

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Old Missouri, fair Missouri…

I’ll be blunt: When I graduated from high school, there was always a small part of me that hated to tell people I was going to college in Missouri.

“Mizzou” garnered little recognition from my peers, and many times I had to continue to explain where the school was (Columbia), why I was going (to study journalism), and why I didn’t choose the same school as my twin sister (we are different people…but that’s really a whole separate issue).

Call it pride, call it foolishness; whatever. As stupid or immature as it sounds, I was almost embarrassed to be leaving my (sub) urban, liberal bubble for a school in a red state that not many people around me had even heard of, save for a couple good basketball seasons. Before you write me off as some spoiled, upper-middle class snob, give me a chance to explain.

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