Farmers markets and market shares: business reporting and leisure in #CLE

Three weekends down in Cleveland, and last weekend definitely tops them all. Why, you ask? Well it’s due in large part to my first trip to West Side Market with my roommate Jessica and her boyfriend.

The iconic West Side Market clock tower. Also, Ohio weather is beautiful.

The market is one of the biggest and most beautiful farmers markets I have every been to, and I’ve lived in Missouri, land of really important legacy beef and farming products.

I wasn’t prepared to be able to do my grocery shopping their either. I figured, as with most markets I’ve encountered, that beyond a nice treat or some freshly baked bread, the majority of the items wouldn’t jive with my college intern salary. Boy was I wrong. Continue reading


Fun times in Cleveland, sans drifters and food prepared near the street

My first time in Ohio, and I’m gearing up for an eventful 10 weeks.

After slightly more than two weeks in Cleveland, I’m acclimating to the strange, curvy roads and unfamiliar grocery store chains. I’m less put off by the one-way streets, and I’ve finally memorized my new zip code (44115, if you were wondering).

I’m settling into my internship at the Plain Dealer, and I’ve got my workout-work-dinner-bed routine down pat for the weekdays.

Now, I’m looking for some weekend festivities. But as the title of this post alludes, it won’t be fun of the Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism video variety. (Which, if you haven’t seen, you need to watch. Now. Hat tip to Karen Miller for introducing me to those few minutes of absolute, tear-jerking hilarity).

Anyways. I’m used to research. A lot of what I do as a journalist involves searching, reading and finding out all kinds of information. From store closings to the minutiae of lawsuits, I’m getting pretty darn good at finding stuff out. But that hasn’t stopped me from feeling a little intimidated by a brand-new city (and state, for that matter).

So after perusing some helpful blogs about why I should love Cleveland, I’ve developed a short list of goals for the summer (beta version). Any and all suggestions are welcome!

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Talkin’ bout my generation

Me and my dear Twain friends at the J-School’s 2012 graduation this past May. Katie (the one in the robes) graduated a full year early and will be starting graduate school in the fall (Can you tell I’m proud of her?).

See the people in this picture? We’re part of what has been christened the “Millennial” generation. Or Generation Y. Or Generation Next. Or the Echo Boomers (Thanks to Wikipedia for that one). You get the idea.

I could rant about how misjudged my peers and I are, and I could list myriad examples of how my friends and I defy the oft-repeated entitled, lazy, dependent and spoiled stereotypes. But I won’t do that here. That is a post for a much worse mood. And also, if you are reading this, you are close to my age and likely already know all those things anyway.

Instead, as I settle into my internship at The Plain Dealer in Cleveland, I’m intrigued by the working style differences between me and the rest of my department. To my knowledge, I’m the youngest by about 5 years, and I’m the only one still in college.

Let me start off by saying that this post, and probably a few to follow, aren’t meant to be a judgment on my colleagues, but rather a look at how age can influence how people work. It’s not about quality — I’ve seen people of all ages here and at the Missourian doing amazing journalism. And it’s not about quantity either. It’s more about style.

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