Not that I’m in a hurry to grow up or anything, but…

Today I had the opportunity to attend a panel discussion about the Affordable Care Act put on by a local law firm. I found it fascinating, and thanks to my health economics class last semester, almost entirely intelligible.

But despite the talk of tax credits, full time equivalent calculation and grandfathered benefit plans, the one question that kept rising to the top of my mind was this:

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I’ll never be able to escape the radio, which is fine by me.

Radio is kind of in my blood.

Upon writing that, I’m conjuring up a variety of images in my head of an episode of The X-Files I recently watched, so I can only imagine what you’re thinking. Let me explain.

My family has a long, passionate history with Illinois speech teams. My mom and dad both competed in high school, and after numerous accolades at the regional, sectional and state level, they passed down those public-speaking genes to me and my sister. We, too, competed in high school, and I went on to **compete at the state level in Radio Speaking in 2009. I inherited the event from my dad, who has spent the last 25 years or so as a speech coach. It would make sense, then, that I’ve never quite been able to leave radio behind.

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