Farmers markets and market shares: business reporting and leisure in #CLE

Three weekends down in Cleveland, and last weekend definitely tops them all. Why, you ask? Well it’s due in large part to my first trip to West Side Market with my roommate Jessica and her boyfriend.

The iconic West Side Market clock tower. Also, Ohio weather is beautiful.

The market is one of the biggest and most beautiful farmers markets I have every been to, and I’ve lived in Missouri, land of really important legacy beef and farming products.

I wasn’t prepared to be able to do my grocery shopping their either. I figured, as with most markets I’ve encountered, that beyond a nice treat or some freshly baked bread, the majority of the items wouldn’t jive with my college intern salary. Boy was I wrong. Continue reading


Packing my way to adulthood

Behind the disarray is a carefully-deployed packing strategy.

I started packing when I was 11 years old, and I never really stopped.

Ten years later, I’m still going strong. No longer limited to traveling between my parents’ houses, now I pack to go to and from college, short trips to Kansas City, longer trips to Israel, summer internships, and my hastily approaching training session in New York City that starts tomorrow.

You could say I’ve become pretty experienced at this point. Sure, I had a rough start — forgetfulness often ensued in my journeys from Schaumburg to Streamwood as a fourth-grader — and I’m still a compulsive over-packer.

Packing has been a constant irritant activity in my life. And I like to think I’ve come across some tips as I’ve packed my way through adolescence into adulthood.

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